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Using a Code Card
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Starting in March 2022, we will be deploying additional security measures on your SSO account.  You will see an additional prompt when you log in using your SSO account.  This additional prompt will appear after you enter your username and password, at various intervals.  Most staff members will receive a code card that displays a one-time code that changes with each use.


Click on the video below for a 30 second code card demonstration:




How to use your code card

1. Log in to your SSO account (username & password)


2. You will be prompted to enter a code



3. Press the power button on your code card to display the code.



4. Enter the code and click on Verify.  Check the "Don't ask again for 30 days" to be prompted less frequently on this device (optional).


In addition to a code card, you can use other methods to secure your SSO account.


If you have set up one or both of the additional methods above, you may change the default method used to secure your SSO account.


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