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Removing Extra Preferred WiFi Networks
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Removing extra WiFi networks from your computer can improve your connection and provide a more seamless WiFi experience.

Removing extra networks ensures that your computer is not joining any guest networks, as well as ensuring that your computer is not unexpectedly switching between multiple different networks (which disrupts wireless network connectivity).

To remove networks from your computer, use the following steps:

Click the Apple in the upper left hand corner of your screen and then click on “System Preferences”


In the System Preferences window, click the Network icon (network is written below it)


In the Network settings panel, select “Wi-Fi” on the left, then click the “Advanced” button.


Make sure “Wi-Fi” is selected in the tabs along the top of the screen


Select all network entries in the Preferred Networks listing except for USCSD and your home network. You can hold down the Command key to select multiple entries at once.


Click the minus “-” button below the list of networks


Click the “Ok” button


Click the “Apply” button


You are now done and have removed your extra WiFi networks! Enjoy your improved WiFi connection!

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