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Adding & Printing From Chromebook (Bender Leadership Camp)
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Step 1.) Right Click on the image you want to print and Click "Save image as..."


Step 2.) Rename the file or leave the file name as is and Click "Save"



Step 3.) On the pop-up on the bottom right, Click "SHOW IN FOLDER" or open your Downloads folder in the Files app


Step 4.) Double Click the downloaded image to open the file


Step 5.) In the top right menu (three vertical dots) click "Print"


Step 6.) Click on the drop-down and Click "See more..."


Step 7.) Type the Copier/Printer you want to add in the search bar and Click the correct printer on the list


Step 8.) Click "Print"


Step 9.) Click "Sign in with Google" and enter the Bender Leadership Camp SSO account credentials

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