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Changing your default MFA method to App based authentication
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One of the features of using the Microsoft app for MFA is that it allows you to do a quick sign-in by only typing in a prompted, 2-digit number into the Microsoft app. This is accomplished when you set your default MFA method to the Microsoft app. Below are the following steps to select the Microsoft app as your default after you have set up a Microsoft app as an MFA method. 

1. Visit


2. Sign in using your SSO username, password, and the code generated by your code card, Microsoft Authenticator app, or text code.


3. To set your default option, select "Change" at the end of your current "Default sign-in method:"


4. Click the drop-down arrow and select “App based authentication - notification” and click "Confirm"


Moving forward, when using your SSO account, your default method will automatically be directed to your Microsoft app.


If you need to use your red code card or another method you have added instead of your Microsoft app, you may choose a different method at any time by doing the following:


1. Once you sign in with your SSO username and password and are prompted for your MFA method, select "I can't use my Microsoft Authenticator app right now"

2. Next, select the other MFA method you want to use. For example, "Use a verification code" for your red code card. 


Your MFA method will still default to your Microsoft app the next time you log in unless you change your default method, but this is a temporary way to use another MFA method instead of the Microsoft app. 


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