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Changing Focus Parent Portal Account Passwords

1. Click on **Users** from the left navigation, then click on **User Info.** ![][1] 2. Type in the parent's last name, click on **Search All Schools** and **Include Parents, **then click **Search** ![][2] 3. Click on the parent account ![][3] 4. **Click on the actual parent name** in the top left to toggle to an…

Creating a Canvas Parent Account and Adding Students

Creating a Canvas parent account is a two-step process that requires both the student and the parent. Before the parent can create their account, each student must first generate a "Pairing Code" that is necessary to link the student account with the parent account. 1. Each student in the family must log in to their …

Accessing Forms in the Focus Parent Portal

Throughout the year parents may be asked to complete an online form in order to provide or update student information. These forms can be found in the [Focus Parent Portal][1] in the **Forms Summary **section for each student. 1. Log in to the [Focus Parent Portal][2] using your parent portal account. (Your username …

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