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How to force quit an iPad App

1. Double-tap the home button 2. When the App Switcher screen appears, select the App you want to force quit and swipe up. The process is demonstrated below. ![][1] [1]:

Allowing Cross-Website Tracking in the Canvas App to Fix Images Not Loading

If your iPad is having trouble displaying images in the Canvas iPadOS App, please follow the instructions below to allow cross-website tracking 1. Tap the "Settings" App ![][1] 2. In the "Settings" App, locate the Canvas App Settings, labeled "Student". The setting is typically near the bottom of the "Settings" App…

Updating to iPadOS 14

Below are the steps for updating your iPad to iPadOS 14 as well as steps changing three settings that you must change to have your iPad work well with Canvas. This iPadOS update can take 30 - 45 minutes or longer, so please do not try to perform this update during class time. Please make sure that your iPad is plugg…

Enable Cross-Site Tracking on iPads

On your iPad you must change three settings so that images will appear properly in Canvas. The whole process is outlined below followed by step-by-step instructions: ![][1] 1. Tap the Canvas Student App or Canvas Teacher App and make sure you are logged in. If you have not launched the App, the setting you need to …

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