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Clearing Cache in ScreenShare on your ActivPanel

If you are having difficulty connecting to your ActivPanel via the ScreenShare App, clearing the ScreenShare cache may help resolve the issue. To clear the cache on the ScreenShare app, follow the steps below: 1. On your ActivPanel, locate the "Settings" in your Locker 2. Select "Apps" 3. Select "App Info" 4. Loc…

How to enable activhardwareservice if you cannot interact with your board

If your Promethean panel or Promethean board are not interacting, please follow these steps to enable **activhardwareservice****:** Go to **System Preferences** and select **Security & Privacy**. Click the **Privacy** tab. Click the lock to make changes. * Select **Accessibility**. * Find **activhardwareser…

Mirroring a Student Chromebook to a Promethean Panel with ScreenShare

A teacher must first launch the Screen Share app on the ActivPanel by tapping the Screen Share app on the Unified Menu. **![][1]** The first time you open Screen Share on the Panel you may need to allow access to photos, media and files. Tap “Allow.” A floating window appears. You may move this anywhere on the scree…

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