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Installing Apps via Self Service in macOS
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While your computer comes with many Apps, we have much more available for you to install via Self Service on your Mac.  


Please follow the directions below to install Apps from Self Service in macOS.


1.  Launch Self Service.  The Self Service application is located in the Applications Folder and on your dock. The icon looks like this:



2.  The Applications that are available for you to install are presented to you when you launch Self Service.  You will notice they are categorized on the left side of the screen if you are looking for a specific category.  You can also search for an Application by name in the upper left corner of Self Service.


3.  To install an application, click on the "Install" button below the name and icon then the selected Application will begin the install process.  Depending on the size of the Application, this could take some time to complete the install.  You must leave the Self Service Application open for the selected Application to complete the installation.  



4.  Once the Application is installed, you will see it in your Applications folder.



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