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Setting up Google Auto-Backup in PDF Format in Notability
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Setting up Auto-Backup in PDF format to Google Drive

To set up your Auto-Backup to Google Drive backup using the PDF format, please launch Notability, then follow the steps below:
  1. Tap gear icon in the bottom left library toolbar.
  2. Tap Auto-backup.
  3. Tap on Google Drive.
  4. If prompted to do so, enter the login credentials for your Google Account
  5. In Auto-backup’s settings, tap the gear icon to the right of Google Drive.
  6. Under the “Format” section, tap the first row.
  7. Tap the PDF format.
  8. Tap Settings to return to the Settings screen
  9. Tap Close to exit the Settings window
You will see the backup indicator at the bottom of the Notability window begin to complete its circle.  The speed of the backup will depend on the number of Notability notes that you have..  When you no longer see the backup indicator, your notes are backed up.  Once the backup is set up, when you create new notes they will automatically be backed up.


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