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Workaround for Verification Failed Error
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During your iPad setup, if you receive a Verification Failed error on Step 12 of the setup guide when you enter your Managed Apple ID, please perform the workaround steps below:


Tap the OK button when you get the verification error.



You will be brought back to the Apple ID login page.  Tap "Forgot password or don't have an Apple ID"



At the bottom of the next screen, you should tap "Setup Later in Settings"



You will be asked to verify your selection of not using an Apple ID.  Tap "Don't Use" to continue.




You will now be brought to the Express Settings screen where you will tab "Continue".  On the next screen you can tap "Get Started".


To get Self Service and begin required App downloads, you will need to log into Securly, our web filter.  If you do not log into Securly, you will not be able to download any Apps or setup your email.


To log into Securly, tap the USC Login webclip.





Safari will launch and you will be brought to the Securly login page.  Please type in your Google username ([email protected]) then tap the "Enter" key or tap the "Next" button.



You will then be prompted to type your Google password, then tap the "Go" key on the keyboard or tap "Next" on the screen.



You may be prompted by Google to allow Securly some access to your account.  Tap "Allow" button to continue.



Once you are authenticated to Securly, you will be taken to a Google search page.


Finally, you will need to sign into your iCloud account using your Managed Apple ID.


Start by tapping "Settings".  Once in settings, tap "Sign into your iPad" in the upper left of the screen.



You will be asked to enter your Managed Apple ID username from your iPad handout sheet and is labeled "Managed Apple ID".  It is your [email protected] Enter your username, then tap "Enter" on your keyboard.  Then type your Temporary Managed Apple ID Password from your iPad handout sheet.  Tap "Enter" on your keyboard or tap "Next" in the upper right corner of the window. 



The next screen will ask you to put your "Current Password", which is the Temporary Managed Apple ID Password. Then you will create your permanent Managed Apple ID password in the “New” section and retype the same password in the “Verify” section.  Your Managed Apple ID password must be at least eight characters long and include a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, and a number.  Once complete, tap the "Enter" key on the keyboard or tap "Change" on the screen.



Once the credentials are entered correctly, you will see a screen saying that you are logging into iCloud.


You will be returned to the Settings App.


Once you see this screen, the workaround is complete and your iPad is setup.




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