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HDCP Errors on Classroom Projectors
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If you have tried to show video content while connected to a classroom projector, you may have noticed that an error occurs when attempting to display some types of content. An example of this error may read:


HDCP Unauthorized. Content Disabled.


If you see this error (or other errors mentioning HDCP), the copyright holder of the content you are attempting to view has placed restrictions on their content in order to reduce piracy. These restrictions are enforced by a standard called HDCP.


HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. This standard prohibits playback of certain content on displays that do not support the HDCP protocol in order to reduce illegal sharing of video content, such as movies and TV shows.


HDCP relies on a "chain" of devices (computer ↔ adapter ↔ cable ↔ display) that are all compatible with the HDCP standard. If any device in this "chain" does not support HDCP, the content will not play.


Classroom projectors at the High School and elementary schools do not support HDCP, and therefore break this device chain. As a result, your computer is prohibited from playing any content protected by HDCP while plugged into the projector. Examples of content protected by HDCP include:

  • Netflix videos
  • Hulu videos
  • Amazon Prime video
  • Paid YouTube content (YouTube Movies or YouTube Red)
  • iTunes Movies/TV Shows


If you attempt to play content that requires HDCP while plugged into a classroom projector, the content will not be able to be played.

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