Logging into iCloud on your iPad with a Federated Apple ID

This knowledge base article provides directions on how to log into iCloud on your iPad using your Federated Apple ID.

1.  Launch the "Settings" App and tap "Sign in to your iPad"

2.  In the "Email" section, type your full email address (<username>@uscsd.k12.pa.us or <username>@uscstudents.org)

3.  You will then be notified that you are being redirected to complete the sign-in process.  Tap "Continue" to advance

4.  Type your network login password or the password provided to you on your credentials sticker.

5.  At the next screen, tap "Yes"

6.  You will then be notified that you are "Signing into iCloud"

7.  Once you are signed in to your iCloud account, you are brought back to the main Settings screen.  You can verify that you are logged into the correct account by checking that you have 200GB of iCloud space.  Tap on your name in the upper left, then tap on iCloud

8.  In the "STORAGE" section, you should see that you have 200GB of iCloud space

If you have any issues with logging into iCloud using your Federated Apple ID, please submit a help desk ticket.

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  • 06-Aug-2019