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Create a Reoccurring Google Hangouts Meet and Adding it to Canvas
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Please follow the steps below to create a Google Hangouts Meet and add it to a Canvas Page


1.  Log into your Gmail account and select the "Rubix Cube" in the upper right corner of the page, then select "Calendar".



2.  In the calendar page, either select the "Create" button in the upper left section of the webpage or click and drag to select the date and time of the desired appointment.




3.  Once you start to create the event, you will see some event options, select "More options"



4.  The "More options" screen looks like this





5.  From the "More Options" screen, type your title in the "Add title" area



6.  Click on the "Does not repeat" drop-down and select the appropriate repeat time, most likely it is "Every weekday (Monday to Friday)" 



7. Click on the "Add conferencing" drop-down and select "Hangouts Meet"



8. You can modify the Notification, Description, and Guest Permissions if you want



9.  Highlight the "Join Google Hangouts" code by selecting it and copying it via Edit > Copy in your browser or ⌘C.  You will need this code to paste into Canvas.


10.  Once everything is correct, select the "Save" button to create the event and you will be returned to your calendar.



11.  Now you can share this link with your students by adding it to your Canvas page.  Log in to Canvas, open your course, and click the edit button on the page you wish to add this link.  In the example below, we are modifying my homepage to have a link to this daily discussion.


12.  Next, click on any existing graphic or text, or create your own.  Highlight the desired object and click the "Insert Link" button in the menu bar.  A new window will open in the center of the screen.  Paste your Google meet ID from your calendar event into this field and click "Update Link".  To finalize the changes, make sure to click "Save" in the bottom right corner.  In the example below,  we are adding a link to the calendar picture.  Any student who clicks the calendar picture will be sent to the Google Hangouts Meet.  









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