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Google Meet Host Controls
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Host controls can be set and accessed in the Google Meet calendar event or during a Google Meet. 


In the Google Meet:


1.  Click on the 3 vertical dots in the bottom right-hand corner of your Google Meet, then click on Settings




2.  Click on Host controls.  If the button is on the right and green that signifies that the feature is turned on.  Any Host controls options turned on or off for a particular Google Meet will now default to that for all future Google Meets. 



3.  Using Quick Access is a helpful method of securing your Google Meet.  When turned off, the host (you) must join first (no one will be in the Google Meet before you join)  even if you have included all your students on the Google Meet calendar event.  Students will NOT be able to join until you admit them, unless they join within 15 minutes of the start time of the meeting.  Students may join as early as 15 minutes before the start-time of the meeting (even without the host being present).  Also, if a "creative" student decides to dial in via phone, this would force them to "Ask to join".   


If you have an all-day meeting scheduled, students may join anytime during that scheduled time-frame, as long as they are on the invitation.


Please note:  No one (including staff) on the Google Meet calendar event can join without you joining first.  With Quick access turned off, we recommend you include any staff members on the Google Meet calendar event or they will be prompted to "Ask to join".



4.  You can also change the Host controls (Quick Access) in the Google Meet calendar event.  Edit your Google Meet calendar event, click on the settings , and uncheck Quick access.  



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