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Google Hangouts Meet - FAQ
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1.  A student clicks on my Google Hangouts Meet link, what happens next?  
Only students that you "Admit" to your Google Hangouts Meet link are allowed in.  You will be prompted to let them in.  This feature ensures that the teacher controls who is allowed in.  
2.  I am running late for my scheduled "Office Hours", are my students already in my Google Hangouts Meet - speaking with each other and causing a ruckus?
No. The teacher has to "Admit" each student, so until the teacher is in the Google Hangouts Meet, students are waiting to be admitted.  I recommend you set ground rules with your students.  For example, when you admit students to the Google Hangouts Meet, make sure they know to mute their microphone.  Tell them not to interrupt you or other students that are already in the Google Hangouts Meet.  After students are finished conversing with you, you may want them to disconnect.  Also, you may have a group of students that are struggling with Math, tell them to connect at a certain time in your Google Hangouts Meet if they need second chance learning opportunities.  
3.  If I did not start my Google Hangouts Meet and students are trying to join, what do they see from their perspective?

4.  One of my students keeps interrupting me, how do I stop them from talking?
Mute them.  Click on the student and mute their microphone.

5.  My student does not need to be in the Google Hangouts Meet, how do I get them out of my "Office Hours" ?
Ask them to disconnect.  If they do not comply, remove them. 



6.  When my "Office Hours" are over, how to make sure the students are not lingering on my Google Hangouts meet, without adult supervision?
Tell them to hang up.  If they do not, remove them.  You need to make sure there are no students are in the Google Hangouts Meet when it is over.  

7.  A student entered my Google Hangouts Meet, I admitted them.  They left the Google Hangouts Meet and came back in without me granting them permission to join.


Once you permit them to join, they can rejoin without permission (if you are still in the same active Google Hangouts Meet).  Before you exit the Google Hangouts Meet, make sure all students have disconnected or you will need to disconnect them.  The next time you go into the Google Hangouts Meet, every student will have to ask to join.  

8.  Is it safe to keep using the same Google Hangouts Meet Link?
Yes.  Before you leave the Google Hangouts Meet, make sure all students have disconnected.  When you exit the Google Hangouts Meet, after about one minute, that Google Hangouts Meet "session" expired" for students.  The one minute time frame is a buffer in case anyone is accidentally disconnected, so they can immediately rejoin.  When you use the same Google Hangouts Meet link again (after that one minute buffer), you will have to give students permission to join.  


9.  Is there one place that has all the guides and videos for Google Hangouts Meet?
Yes.  Click on the link below:


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