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Calling parents on your CELL PHONE using Google Hangouts Meet
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You need to call parents from your cell phone, but do not want parents to see your cell phone number.   Choose an Option below:


Option 1: *67


On your cell phone, dial *67 and then the phone number.  Your number will be "blocked" from the parent you are calling.  They will see "Blocked", "Private Number", or "Anonymous".  


Option 2: Use Google Hangouts Meet to call YOU and the parent.  


1.  Join a Google Hangouts Meet.


2.  Click on the three vertical dots in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, then click on "Use a phone for audio" (You can skip step #3 if you want to use your computer to speak to the parent) 



3.  Enter your cell phone number and click on "Call me" (Google Hangouts Meet will call you).  You will hear a message that says, "Press 1 to connect your phone audio to the video". Press  1.   You will need to Press *6 to unmute your phone. 



4.  Click on the graphic that looks like a group of people in the top right hand corner of screen.



5.  Click on Add People



6.  Click Call, Enter the phone number, and then click on the phone graphic to make the phone call. 




7.  Google Hangouts Meet will call the parent.  They will hear a message that says, "You are joining a call with another person".  You can now start the phone call.   The parent will see a random phone number from Google's pool of phone numbers.  








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