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Getting to know your iPad
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This knowledgebase article will describe some of the physical features of your iPad.


Because of the differences between iPad models, your iPad might not look exactly like the pictures below, but the location and name of the item will be the same.


Your iPad has a black or red case on it that opens up from the right side.  You will notice that the top of the iPad case is secured with magnets.




When you open the iPad up, you will see the home button on the bottom of the iPad and the front camera at the top.



If you close the lid and turn the iPad over, you will see the rear camera, rear microphone, and the Upper St. Clair School District barcode.



When you look at the right side of the iPad, at the top, you will see the volume up and volume down button.




When you look at the top of the iPad, you see the power button, microphone, and headphone port.



On the bottom of the iPad, you will see the speakers and the Lightning port where you will plug in the cable to charge your iPad.




The District-issued case can hold your iPad in a few different positions.  Please note the tabs on the back of the iPad case because you will use the tabs to hold the case in place.




The first position is sitting upright like the picture below:




To put the iPad case in this position, you have to secure the case behind the tabs on the back and the magnetic flap of the case like the picture below.





With the iPad case in the same configuration, the iPad can be laid down flat to look like the picture below.




Enjoy your new iPad!

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