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How to resolve frequent prompts for Apple ID Verification
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On some devices, the iPad will continue to prompt you to enter the password for an Apple ID. We have not identified the cause of this issue but we have a work-around for those experiencing the problem.



The prompt to sign-in using the Apple ID may happen each time the iPad attempts to install one of the applications the District has chosen to pre-load on your child’s iPad. While the apps are installing, please choose “Not Now” until all of the apps have finished installing. You may have to choose this option multiple times during the installation process.


Once all apps have been installed, the Apple ID error can be resolved by completing the sign-in process. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings

  2. Choose the Update Apple ID Settings option

  3. Choose to Continue to update your password

  4. Enter your child’s password, which can be found on the paper slip you received at distribution, into the Apple ID sign in screen

  5. The process is successfully completed if the Update Apple ID Settings section disappears.


After completing these steps, you should not be prompted to enter the Apple ID password again unless the device sits in a powered-off state for an extended period of time.


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