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How to Send Your Computer Audio to Your Promethean Panel
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Your M1 Macbook Air can send video and audio to the Promethean Panel via the HDMI cable or the Screen Share application. Once connected, to play sound through your Panel you much change your sound output by doing one of the methods below.



Method 1 - Changing Sound Output Through Control Center (HDMI & Screen Share):

With your computer connected to the board via HDMI or Screen Share, click the Control Center icon in the top right corner of the menu bar, then click the Sound option.


* If connecting with HDMI, select “AP7_Titanium

* If connecting with Screen Share, select “Blackhole 16ch


Method 2 - Changing Sound Output Through System Preferences (HDMI & Screen Share):

Once the cables are connected, and you have selected the correct source on the Panel, you must set up your computer to send audio to the Panel. 


Click the Apple icon and go to System Preferences.


Choose Sound.


Choose Output, then select “AP7_Titanium” if connecting with HDMI or

select “Blackhole 16ch” if connecting with Screen Share.


Close out of System Preferences.

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