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Using the Elementary ActivPanel
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Using the ActivPanel

Model: AP5-75 and AP6-75-4K

Below are some basic steps for getting started with your ActivPanel.


Turning the Panel On:

  1. Ensure that the panel is plugged into power.

  2. Turn the panel on either using the remote control or the power button on the front of the panel.  It will take 1-2 minutes for the Panel to start up.

Note: If the panel does not power on, make sure the power strip and the power “rocker switch” on the back are turned to the “ON” position.


Connecting Your Computer to Use Flip Charts:

  1. Plug your computer into the USB and HDMI cables in the front of the Panel.  See the Source Menu below.  Your computer is on HDMI1.  If necessary, use the Source button on the remote to switch between sources.  After you press the source button, then use the arrow button on the top of the remote to choose HDMI1, then press the checkmark button.



ActivPanel Source Menu





  1. Open ActivInspire and a Flip Chart that you’d like to use.  You can now interact using the ActivPen, any stylus, or your fingers.




Displaying (“AirPlaying”) iPads on the Panel

Note: The ActivPanel has a computer-like device called an ActivConnect attached to it.  The ActivConnect enables you to “AirPlay” any device.

  1. Switch the source to OPS using the Source button on the remote.  After you press the source button, then use the arrow button on the top of the remote to choose the OPS, then press the checkmark button.  

  2. You will see the Quick Launcher wheel.  If you see the clock rather than this wheel, you may need to “swipe up” from the lock icon on the bottom of the screen.





3.Open the ActivCast App


4.Using any iPad connected to DISTRICT-STUDENT wifi swipe up from the bottom  to choose “AirPlay Mirroring” and your panel from the list (ex: st-panel-120).


5.The panel will display a prompt: “iPad wants to mirror on screen.”  Tap the screen to Allow.


6.To disconnect the device you can either a) stop AirPlay Mirroring on your iPad or

b) Click the Exit Door on the bottom right of the panel.  Then click the red X  next to the iPad name to disconnect.


7. When finished, Exit the ActivCast App using the Settings wheel on the top right.



Displaying an ActiView on the Panel

There are 2 options for connecting the ActiView to the Panel.  


Option 1: Connect the ActiView to your laptop and use the ActiView software to interact with the ActiView.


Option 2: Connect the ActiView directly to the Panel using a VGA cable.  Switch the source to VGA using the Source button on the remote.  (This is helpful when you have a substitute who does not have a computer to connect).


When you are finished using the ActivPanel, turn it off using the Power button on the remote or on the front of the panel.


Cleaning the ActivPanel

Spray a glass cleaner such as Windex onto a towel then clean the panel with the towel.  Do not spray the glass cleaner directly onto the panel because it could run down and build up in the bottom of the panel.  PLEASE DO NOT use a multi-purpose cleaner.  


Basic Troubleshooting


iPad will not AirPlay to the Panel:

Make sure the iPad is connected to DISTRICT-STUDENT wifi

Turn on Airplane mode on the iPad.  Then turn it off.  This will reset any active wireless connections.

Exit the ActivCast App using the Settings wheel on the top right and re-open.


Multi-touch is not working:

Ensure that you have the most current ActivDriver.  You can find the driver in Self Service.

Unplug the USB cable to your computer and plug it back in to make sure the connection is tight.


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