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Setting up an iPad from scratch (no data transfer)
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This article will walk you through the steps to set up your iPad without transferring any Apps or data from iCloud.


1.  Turn your iPad on by pressing the power button in the top right corner of the iPad.  Please note that if the iPad does not turn on, it may need to be charged before you can set it up.


2.  At the "Hello" screen press the iPad "Home" button.




3. Tap "English" at the "Select Language" screen



4. Tap "United States" at the "Select Your Country or Region" screen.



5. Tap "Set Up Manually" at the "Quick Start Screen.



6.  If you are in a USCSD school building, tap the "iPad-Setup" network, or select a network you can connect to.



7.  Tap "Don't Transfer Apps & Data"



8.  Tap "Next" at the Remote Management screen



9. At the Remote Management Login Screen, enter your full SSO credentials ([email protected]) then tap "Next" and then enter your SSO password.



10.  You may see a screen that says "Awaiting final configuration from "Upper St. Clair St Clair Twp District" for a few seconds.



11.  Tap "Continue" at the Touch ID screen and follow the directions to set up Touch ID on the iPad.



12.  At the Apple ID screen, sign into your Apple ID using your full SSO credentials ([email protected]) and SSO password.



13.  At the Location Services screen, tap "Enable Location Services" to complete the iPad setup.


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