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Using Text Codes
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In addition to the code card, you may use text codes sent to your cell phone to sign in to your SSO account.


Part 1: Set up text codes

1. Go to the following website: and sign in.


2. Enter your username, password, and code generated by your code card.



3. Check the box next to Authentication phone and enter your cell phone number.



4. Click Save. A confirmation message will appear.



Part 2: Using text codes

1. After entering your username and password to sign in to your SSO account, on the Enter code screen, choose Sign in another way.



2. On the Verify your identity screen that appears, choose the Text option.


3. Enter the code sent to your cell phone via text message into the Enter code window.


shown below: the text code sent to a cell phone



shown below: the Enter code prompt while using a SSO account on a computer


Optional: Once you have set up the method above, you may change the default method used to secure your SSO account.

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