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Using the Daktronics Wireless MX-1 Mobile Scoring Device
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You must download the DAK Score App from the appropriate App store (it is recommended to use a tablet, such as an iPad)


DAK Score - Apple iOS or iPadOS 

DAK Score - Google Play - Android


The instructions below will only feature iPadOS screenshots, but the Android App screens should look very similar.


Please note: The DAK Score App will only control the data on the scoreboard; it will not control the video screen portion of the scoreboard.  The video portion of the scoreboard is controlled from the Game Management room inside the District Administration Building.  The DAK Score App and the All-Sport 5000 located in the game management room can not be used at the same time.  The DAK scoreboard wireless controller (MX-1) is located on the fence at the bottom of the steps near the 40-yard line closest to the High School at the stadium.  Please see the picture below:




To start you must turn on the DAK scoreboard wireless controller (MX-1).  The USCSD athletic or custodial staff will unlock the waterproof box and push the button on top of the power adapter.   The green light will appear on the power adapter after you push the button, then you will see three lights above. 





For the DAK Score App to function, it must stay connected to the MX-1.  Because the connection to the MX-1 is Bluetooth, you must be within 50 feet of the MX-1 location to stay connected.  If you become out of range of the MX-1, you will see the Bluetooth symbol in the upper right of the screen turn red and receive the message below.



If DAK Score App's connection to the MX-1 is dropped, the scoreboard will continue with its current programming, meaning the clock will continue to run and any other data on the scoreboard will remain unchanged. When the DAK Mobile App reconnects to the MX-1, the screen will be refreshed with the current data on the scoreboard.


Launch the DAK Score App to connect to the MX-1.  Assuming you are in range of the MX-1, the DAK Score App will search and find the USC Stadium like the picture below.



Tap on USC Stadium and the MX-1 will connect to the scoreboard



Once connected, if the scoreboard is off, it will prompt you to turn it on.  Tap "Turn On" to turn on the scoreboard.



Once the scoreboard is on, tap the lock icon in the upper right corner and make sure that the icon switches to a closed padlock like the picture below. That means that this device is the only one that can control the scoreboard until you unlock it or disconnect.



You can then start to customize the scoreboard for the sport you are scoring.


You can click on any of the three dots to modify that specific setting.  If you tap the three dots near the time, you will be asked what changes you would like to make to the clock or period.



If you tap "Edit Clock" you will be taken to the can change the period time as well if it is counting up or down.  When you have made your changes, tap "Set" and you will be brought back to the main screen.




Once you set the time, you can tap the triangle next to the time to start or stop the clock.


You can change the team names by tapping on the three dots next to the name




You can tap the up (1) or down (2) arrow on the respective team to increase or decrease the score, tap the plus (3) or minus (4) in the "Quarter" section to change the quarter or tap the horn button (5) to manually sound the horn.



If you tap the "More" button you can change the "Down, Ball on, To Go" information as well as the possession arrow and timeouts.



When the game is over, you can tap the three lines in the upper right corner of the screen, then tap "Turn Off Scoreboard"








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