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Adding Media To Stadium Video Board
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1. Move the file to the computer via downloading or moving from a USB

2. From File Explorer, copy the file from the source (Downloads or USB)

3. Double-click on the Content (\\D8VIDEO-P) (Z:) shortcut on the left side


4. Double-click Upper St Clair Content


5. Double-click and paste the file into the desired sport’s folder


6. On the Desktop, open Display Studio (top right corner below Recycle Bin)


7. Go to the specific sport’s tab


8. Right-click, then click New Button


9. Make sure DMP-8000 Player Control (first option) is selected


10. Check the box for Full Screen Takeover (never choose the top one, P:primary)
**If you play something in the Primary Video Zone, stay up after other content is played (if that is active)**


11. Make sure Play (or Add to Playlist, if it is JPGs or combining two videos) is selected


12. Add the content by finding and double-clicking Upper St Clair Content, then the desired sport’s folder


13. Lastly, name your button by clicking the top black box of the New Button window then click Save

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