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Creating Student Groups in Canvas For Elementary Regrouping
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Canvas automatically creates a course for every class you are teaching in Focus. We've modified your Homeroom courses in Canvas to not only include your homeroom students, but every student in that grade level. This gives you the ability to create your own student groups in your Canvas Homeroom course for any regrouping that may occur throughout the school year. 


1. Log in to Canvas and select your Homeroom course.


2. Click People [1] in the left side of the course navigation menu and then click Groups [2] in the top of the student listing.



3. Click Group Set in the top right corner of the screen.



4. Enter a Group Set Name [1]. In my example, I'm creating a group set called "Math Groups". Leave both boxes unchecked in the Self Sign-Up [2] section and make sure the Group Structure [3] section is set to "Create Groups Later" and click Save.



5. Now that you've created a group set, you need to create your individual student groups inside that group set. Make sure you have your group set tab selected at the top of the people page and then click +Group in the top right corner.



6. Enter a Group Name [1]. In this example, I'm creating a student group for Unit 1. Leave the Group Membership Limit [2] field blank and click Save.



7. Now that you have your group set, and group created, you need to add students to that group. There are two ways to add students to a group. 

Option 1: You can click the + [1] plus sign next to the student's name and then select the group [2] that you want to add them to.



Option 2: Click and hold on the student and drag and drop them into the group. See the illustrations below. 




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