Updating to the latest iOS on your iPad

Before you perform the iOS update, please make sure that you know your Managed Apple ID and Managed Apple ID Password. You may be asked for your Managed Apple ID Credentials when setting up your iPad after the iOS update.  Your Managed Apple ID Username is your network login username with @appleid.uscstudents.org at the end.  Your Managed Apple ID Password is one that you would have created.

Check if you need to update your iOS by tapping:

Settings > General > Software Update

If you see "Your software is up to date", then you are on the current iOS and no additional action is necessary.

If you need to update the iOS on your iPad, the iOS update information will be presented and you will be able to tap "Download and Install" or "Install" to begin the iOS update.  You will not be able to install the iOS update if your battery is below 50%.  If your battery is below 50%, please connect your iPad to a charger and keep it plugged in.

Follow the prompts on your iPad to complete install the iOS update.

The iOS update will disable your iPad for 15 - 20 minutes while the update installs, so only perform the update when you don't need to use your iPad.

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  • 11-Apr-2018