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2020-2021 Student iPad Getting Started Guide

**2020 – 2021 Student iPad Getting Started Guide** To turn on your iPad, hold down the power button located on the top right corner of the device. The Apple logo will appear on the screen. If your iPad doesn’t startup, it is possible that your iPad will need to be charged. Connect the iPad to your home Wi-Fi: * G…

Setting up an iPad from scratch (no data transfer)

This article will walk you through the steps to set up your iPad without transferring any Apps or data from iCloud. 1. Turn your iPad on by pressing the power button in the top right corner of the iPad. Please note that if the iPad does not turn on, it may need to be charged before you can set it up. 2. At the "Hell…

Logging into Google Meet on an iPad for the First Time

**Logging into Google Meet on an iPad for the First Time** 1. Locate the Google Meet App on your iPad. If you do not have it installed on your iPad, you can download it from Self Service. ![][1] 2. Tap the "Sign In" button ![][2] 3. You may be notified that Google Meet wants to use "" to sign in. Tap "C…

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