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The Upper St. Clair School District, including the Technology Department, will be closed for Spring Break starting on April 3, 2023. Responses to support tickets will be delayed until the District reopens on April 10, 2023.

New issues submitted during Spring Break will be addressed as soon as possible upon our return to work.

Thank you!

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Sharing an Explain Everything Project between a Teacher and Substitute

**For the Teacher that is sharing the Explain Everything Project::** If you know in advance that you will be unavailable, you can put the Explain Everything files on a removable USB storage device and provide it with your lesson plans. You can also share the needed Explain Everything project using the sharing method…

M1 MacBook Air Setup Guide

This guide will help you set up and customize your M1 MacBook Air. There are many resources in this document as well as many more available from [our knowledge base][1]. If you don't find your answer here, please take a look at [our knowledge base][1] or [submit a help desk ticket.][2] ## **Before you begin the swap,…

Making Google Drive File Stream files available offline

Google Drive File Stream is replacing the Google Drive Backup and Sync that was on your old computer. Google Drive File Stream icon appears on your desktop as a connected network drive, much like your now-defunct network server folder. We recommend using the Google Drive File Stream to house all your files and work o…

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