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Focus School Software - Viewing and Editing Existing Seating Charts

**1. **From the **Attendance** menu, click **Seating Charts**. ![][1] **2. **From the Seating Charts screen, click **Charts**. ![][2] **3. **The Charts pop-up displays all existing seating charts linked to the section selected from the section pull-down located in the header. ![][3] From the Charts pop-up, you c…

Focus School Software - Seating Charts Navigation and Tools

**1. **From the **Attendance** menu, click **Seating Charts**. ![][1] **2. **Once generated, the Chart Name displays at the top of the screen. ![][2] **3. **Depending on the Starting Point selected, the **Front** of Class directional selection is displayed, along with the number of desks entered via the **Rows** a…

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