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Restoring your Fonts
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Restoring your fonts:


Locate the compressed (.zip) font file that your backed up to Google Drive or external storage media and copy it back to your local computer Desktop.


Double click the compressed (.zip) file to decompress the file.  You will now see a folder on your Desktop with name of the compressed (.zip) file.


Launch FontBook in Applications > FontBook or by searching for it in Spotlight.


Click the Add button (+) in the Font Book toolbar


Locate and select the backup fonts folder that you just uncompressed.  Inside the folder you will see all the font families that were exported.


You can select multiple fonts famlies to be imported.  For example, if you want all of the “DJ” font family, you can click the first one in the group then hold down the <Shift> key, then click the last one in the group  The entire font family will be highlighted.


Once you have all the fonts selected, click the <Open> button.


A Font Validation window will pop up and you can select the checkbox next to the font(s) you want installed, then click <Install Checked> button.


To verify that the fonts were installed, open the Application of your choice (ex: Inspire) and make sure it is in the list of fonts to choose from.


You can perform the import font function as many times as needed.


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