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Restoring iTunes Library to the Music App
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iTunes is now the Music App (as of MacOS Catalina 10.15).  If your previous computer was running an OS prior to Catalina, follow these instructions to restore an iTunes library to the newer Music App.


To restore your library you must copy the iTunes folder (that you backed up from your old computer) from your Google Drive to your iTunes folder on your M1 Macbook Air, then tell the Music app where your library file is located.


To do this:

  1. Open the Music App and agree to any user agreements, then close the program.
  2. Open two finder Windows, one with Google Drive and one with your Music folder.
  3. Drag your iTunes folder from your Google Drive to your Music folder.



   4. When a dialogue box comes up asking if you want to replace the existing folder, click Replace.



5. While holding down the OPTION key on your keyboard, open the Music App again.  You will be prompted to choose a Music library.  Click Choose Library.


6. Browse to your iTunes folder and select the iTunes Library.itl file, then click "Choose."




7. You will be prompted to save it.  You can keep the auto-filled name and click Save.


8. Your music will now appear in the Music App.


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