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Promethean ActivPanel Resources for High School Teachers
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ActivPanel PDF Guide:




Promethean ActivPanel Youtube Training Videos



ActivPanel Video Resources:




Quick Guides:


1.  Adding a Screen lock PIN to the ActivPanel


2.  Signing into a Google Account on the ActivPanel


3.  Switching accounts in Google Drive on the ActivPanel


4.  Remove a Google Account from the ActivPanel 



Methods of Connecting to the ActivPanel:


1.  Use the integrated apps with no computer connected (as shown during the training).


2.  Connect via Promethean's ActivCast (new) wirelessly to the ActivPanel (via the Google Chrome Browser).

Students will use ActivCast to connect to the panel wirelessly.


Download the ActivCast Chrome Extension here:


3.  Connect using the Wired method to the ActivPanel, using the USB cable and HDMI cable

This is the same method you used with your old Promethean Board.



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