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Mirroring a Student Chromebook to a Promethean Panel with ScreenShare
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A teacher must first launch the Screen Share app on the ActivPanel by tapping the Screen Share app on the Unified Menu.


The first time you open Screen Share on the Panel you may need to allow access to photos, media and files.  Tap “Allow.”  A floating window appears. You may move this anywhere on the screen. You may name your panel, tap the reset button to generate a new 6-digit panel ID, or tap the “people” icon to enter the waiting room.


A student can now connect to the Promethean Panel using the Promethean Screen Share Chrome Extension in the Chrome Browser.  Students will enter the panel ID and their name within the Chrome extension.  Then select Enter Waiting Room. 



Select the window you would like to share, and the checkbox if you want to “Share Audio.  Then click “Share.”  Wait for the teacher to allow permission.



The teacher will see connected devices displayed within the Waiting Room. Tap a student’s name to share a single screen or select up to four students to share simultaneously. Once you have selected their names, tap the orange Share button at the bottom of the waiting room window.



The student may choose “Stop Sharing Screen” at anytime from their Chromebook. 


The teacher may end screen sharing by returning to the Waiting Room and clicking the X next to the student’s name.

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