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IEP Writer SSO account login
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When you log into IEP Writer for the first time, you must link your IEP Writer account with your SSO account.  The following is a step-by-step guide on this process.



Start by going to


Enter the username and password you'd been issued by our Student Support Services Department, then click the Login button.




You will encounter a prompt, stating that you must login with a Microsoft Account.  A Microsoft Account is synonymous with your SSO account, which was assigned to you by the Technology Department.  Click the link shown in the yellow prompt (




Click on the Sign in with Microsoft button.




Enter your SSO account username at the Sign in prompt, then click the Next button.  A SSO account is issued to staff members by the Technology Department.  If you are unsure what a SSO account is, please read the explanation at




Enter your SSO account password, then the click Sign in button.




If you are prompted for a SSO account code, enter it here, optionally checking the Don't ask again box, then click the Verify button.  If you are unsure what a SSO account code is, please read the explanation at




You will then be asked to enter the username and password issued to you by the Student Support Services Department once again.




Now you are asked if you want to link your IEP Writer account with your SSO account.  To create this link, click the Link Account button.




If your IEP Writer account and SSO account are successfully linked, you will encounter the Success message shown below.  At this point, the account linking process is complete and you can continue using IEP Writer as needed.




Moving forward, you will login to IEP Writer using your SSO account with the IEP Writer login link found on our Staff Links page, or directly by going to


If you encountered a problem during this process, please submit a Helpdesk ticket -

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