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Signing into Google Sync to Synchronize your Google Chrome Data
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When you sign in to Chrome Sync, your info is saved to your Google Account so you can get it whenever you need it.  You can see and update your synced info on all your devices, like bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings.  If you change devices (like if you lost your phone or got a new laptop), you'll get all your info back.  You'll sign in automatically to Gmail, YouTube, Search, and other Google services. 


1.  On your computer, open the Google Chrome web browser.


2.  In the top right corner, click the name or the icon that looks like a person and then click "Sign in to Chrome".




3. If you have signed in, you will see your picture and email in the window.  You can move to step five.  If you have not signed in, you will see the window below and you can select "Turn on sync..." then log int with your USCSD SSO credentials.  You may be prompted to merge the existing Chrome data when signing in.  This will associate all of your existing chrome data with your USCSD Google Account.





4. Once authenticated with your USCSD SSO credentials, you will be asked if you want to "Turn on sync?"  Select "Yes, I'm in".




5.  When you go back to the top-right corner, when you select the person icon or picture, you will see that sync is now on



6.  To verify that everything is set to sync, select "You and Google" under Settings, then "Manage what you sync" under "Sync and Google services"



7.  Make sure that "Sync everything" is enabled





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