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Backing up Fonts in macOS
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Backing up your Fonts

Updated for macOS Sonoma 14.5


RIght-Click on your Desktop and select "New Folder". Rename the folder to something like "Fonts Backup".




Launch Font Book in Applications > Font Book or by searching for it in Spotlight. (Shortcut for Spotlight is CMD + Spacebar!)


Make sure the “All Fonts” is selected in the left window.



Click on one of the fonts in the middle window and go to Edit > Select All (or press <Command> - A  - ⌘A) to select all fonts.  All the font names will be highlighted when they are selected.



Click File > Export



Navigate to the "Fonts Backup" folder that you created on your Desktop, then click "Open".



Select all of the font files by clicking on one then either click Edit > Select All (or press <Command> - A  - ⌘A), and then right click and select "Compress".



This will generate an "" file which you can rename to your liking if you so choose. This is the compressed file which contains all of your font files.



Take the newly created compressed (.zip) file and copy it to your Google Drive and / or external backup media.



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