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The Upper St. Clair School District, including the Technology Department, will be closed for Spring Break starting on April 3, 2023. Responses to support tickets will be delayed until the District reopens on April 10, 2023.

New issues submitted during Spring Break will be addressed as soon as possible upon our return to work.

Thank you!

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Flexible Instructional Days - Attendance

A Flexible Instructional Day (FID) is a program available to public school entities to be used as an alternate approach to delivering instruction if a circumstance arises that prevents instruction in a customary manner, such as inclement weather. In the event that the Upper Saint Clair administration team chooses to u…

Focus School Software - FID/Asynchronous Day Attendance Verification and Reconciliation

If you need to see which students did not check-in and mark themselves present during a FID or asynchronous learning day, please follow the steps below. 1. Log in to the focus portal. 2. Click **Attendance > Attendance Chart** 3. The Student Search screen will appear. Do not enter any search criteria. Just click **…

Focus School Software - Taking Attendance

All teachers will be responsible for taking student attendance. Elementary school teachers will only be taking homeroom attendance. Middle and High school teachers will be taking homeroom attendance as well as class attendance. 1. From the Attendance menu, select Take Attendance. ![][1] 2. Select the appropriate co…

Asynchronous Day and Teachers

During the school year, certain school days may be designated as Asynchronous. On these days, the attendance process is different for both teachers and students. Students are responsible for marking themselves present for the day. Teachers will not be taking homeroom or period attendance on these days. All teachers n…

Focus School Software - Student Attendance on Asynchronous Days

On Asynchronous Learning Days, students are responsible for logging into the Student Portal and marking themselves **Present** for the day. The steps listed below outline this process. If you are not familiar with how to access and log in to the Focus Student Portal, please read the following [knowledge base article]…

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