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Focus School Software - Viewing and Editing Existing Seating Charts

**1. **From the **Attendance** menu, click **Seating Charts**. ![][1] **2. **From the Seating Charts screen, click **Charts**. ![][2] **3. **The Charts pop-up displays all existing seating charts linked to the section selected from the section pull-down located in the header. ![][3] From the Charts pop-up, you c…

Focus School Software - Seating Charts Navigation and Tools

**1. **From the **Attendance** menu, click **Seating Charts**. ![][1] **2. **Once generated, the Chart Name displays at the top of the screen. ![][2] **3. **Depending on the Starting Point selected, the **Front** of Class directional selection is displayed, along with the number of desks entered via the **Rows** a…

Focus School Software - Seating Charts - Assigning Students to Seats

**1. **From the new or existing chart, click the **Layout** tab, then click the **Students** tab to assign seating to students. ![][1] Before seating students, you can flag applicable students by clicking **Front of Class **and/or **Talkative** to identify the students who need to sit at the front of the class or st…

Focus School Software - Creating a Seating Chart

The Seating Charts feature allows teachers to create a seating chart for each class section, which includes students' names, students' pictures, desks, other furniture present in the classroom such as tables, the American flag, and more. Once set up, teachers can use the seating chart to take attendance and award posi…

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