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M1 MacBook Air Setup Guide

This guide will help you set up and customize your M1 MacBook Air. There are many resources in this document as well as many more available from [our knowledge base][1]. If you don't find your answer here, please take a look at [our knowledge base][1] or [submit a help desk ticket.][2] ## **Before you begin the swap,…

Connecting to the ActivPanel or Promethean board on your M1 MacBook Air

You will need either a USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter or a USB-C to VGA Multiport adapter to connect any computer with a USB-C connector, like the M1 MacBook Air. The adapter can be connected to either USB-C port. There is a USB-C port on both adapters that will allow you to connect your power cable, so you will …

How to Send Your Computer Audio to Your Promethean Panel

Your M1 Macbook Air can send video and audio to the Promethean Panel via the HDMI cable or the Screen Share application. Once connected, to play sound through your Panel you much change your sound output by doing one of the methods below. **Method 1 - Changing Sound Output Through Control Center (HDMI & Screen Share)…

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