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Troubleshooting WiFi on a Chromebook
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If you suspect a poor WiFi connection when using your school-assigned Chromebook, follow the instruction below in order to provide the technology department with helpful information in accessing the problem.



First, open Chrome and enter chrome://network in the address bar.




Click the Network Logs selection at the top of the screen.  Then, ensure that the check boxes selected look just like those seen in the image below.




Now, click the Store system logs button.  Once clicked, below the Store system logs button will read, Generating log files...




Once the log files have been generated, below the Store system logs button will read, Logs successfully written to Downloads directory.




Now, click on the bookmarks choice in the bookmarks bar, then select Help Desk & Knowledge Base.




Once at our support page, click the Submit Ticket link.




Complete the Create a New Ticket form, note that towards the bottom of this form, you must upload a file, which is sent along with your ticket.




Click Browse for a file as you complete the ticket form.




The Files app will open.  Then, under My files, you must click on the Downloads folder, then click on the combined-logs_xxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx.tar.gz file.  Note that the file will be named using a date and time stamp, so the file you see will not include xxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx in the name.  Now, click the Open button.




Once you complete the Create a New Ticket form, your ticket and the attached file will be reviewed and a technology department member will reply with further information.


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