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Using a VPN to connect a Windows device to the USCSD network
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These instructions will guide you on connecting a Windows device to the Upper St. Clair School District network using a VPN connection.  A VPN connection secures your link to the USCSD network when your device is not directly connected to the USCSD network.




Installing the NetExtender VPN software



Open a web browser and go to



Click on the NetExtender button [1], choose Windows 64 bit from the dropdown box [2], then click the DOWNLOAD button [3].





Open File Explorer, go to your Downloads folder and launch the NetExtender installation file you've downloaded.




Click the Next button to begin the installation.





Choose the I agree option and click the Next button.




Click the Next button, leaving the installation location as presented.




Ensure the Allow connection to other profiles box is checked, then click the Next button.




Select either, both, or none of the shortcut creation choices, then click the Next button.




At this point, the installation progress bar will be shown.  Once the progress bar indicates that the installation is complete, click the Next button.




Ensure the Launch SonicWall NetExtender box is checked and click the Close button.  Note: You may be prompted to reboot your computer.  If so, you must do this before using the SonicWall NetExtender software.






Using the NetExtender VPN software



Click the Windows button [1], scroll to, and click on the SonicWall NetExtender folder [2], then double-click the SonicWall NetExtender program icon [3].





Enter in the Server box [1], enter your SSO account username in the Username box [2] (note that you do not enter in this box), enter your SSO account password in the Password box [3], enter in the Domain box [4], then click the Connect button.




Enter the code presented on your Code Card, or from the Microsoft Authenticator app, in the Password box, then click the Ok button.  Note: You must have previously been issued a Code Card or set up additional security using the Microsoft Authenticator app for your SSO account as per the following Helpdesk article -




You will see a series of messages and progress bars as NetExtender sets up your VPN connection.




Once your VPN connection is set up, you will see multiple connection status messages.




When you are finished using your VPN connection, click on the Disconnect button.



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