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Printing to a PDF in Squid

Below are instructions on how to print to a PDF in Squid. This is useful if the export function in Squid does not work. Create your Squid note, then select the three dots in the upper right corner of your Squid note. ![][1] Select "Print" from the drop down menu ![][2] In "Destination", select "Save as PDF", then…

Converting Squid Notes to PDF

This knowledge base article will help you convert one or all of your Squid notes into PDF format. From your Chromebook, launch the Squid Application Determine what Squid Notes you want to convert. * A single or a few specific Squid Notes * All Notes (Best if you have not organized your Notes into specific Noteb…

Setting up Google Auto-Backup in PDF Format in Notability

**Setting up Auto-Backup in PDF format to Google Drive** To set up your Auto-Backup to Google Drive backup using the PDF format, please launch Notability, then follow the steps below: 1. Tap gear icon in the bottom left library toolbar. 2. Tap Auto-backup. 3. Tap on Google Drive. 4. If prompted to do so, ent…

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