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Using the USCSD Phone System on your Cell Phone

The Upper St. Clair School District phone system offers the ability to make phone calls using your cell phone. This feature allows you to make phone calls as if you were on-site at your desk. This feature has to be set up per-user by the Technology Department. To have this feature provisioned for your phone extension…

Accessing Voicemail

If you have a voicemail account in the district, you will notice that you not only have voicemail messages on the phone system, but they also come to your email. This is a feature that provides you with a way to save messages if you need to. The voicemail system has many features in addition to the basic ones. Not on…

Log out or log in to an Avaya J100-series IP Phone

Avaya J100-series IP telephones allow the user to log out and log in to the phone without the assistance of the Technology Department. You may have to log out or log in when you move rooms or are otherwise instructed to do so. **IMPORTANT: Any time you log out of an IP telephone and log in to a DIFFERENT telephone (i…

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