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Adding Course Recommendations for 8th Grade Students

At the end of the 2nd marking period, teachers make course recommendations for current 8th-grade students for their upcoming freshman year.  Please follows the steps below.


1.  Log into the VISION portals.

2.  Using the navigation pane on the left of the screen, select "Grade Book" > "Assign Grades" > "Final Grade Entry".


3.  Select the appropriate course from the "Course" dropdown menu and select Quarter 2 from the "Marking Period" dropdown menu.

4.  Right-click in the box for "Qt2 C1".  This is the field for Quarter 2 Comment 1.  Select the option "View/Select from Allowed Comments (By Code)".

5.  Click the appropriate choice for this student and click the save button at the bottom of the window.  Continue this process for each of your 8th-grade students.  These comments will be visible on the student progress reports as well as the final page of the Q2 report cards.


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