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Migrating away from a YouTube Brand account
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  1. Navigate to and log in using your district-issued or Gsuite account.
  2. Click on your picture (or initials) in the top right of the screen. On the dropdown that appears, choose Your Channel.
  3. Once inside of Your Channel, choose the Settings option from the menu on the left side.


  4. In account details, if you see the option to Add or remove managers, then you should continue with the following steps. If you do not see this option, no further action is required.


  1. If you determined in step 4 that you have YouTube Brand account, now choose Advanced settings on the left menu bar. In the Advanced settings menu that appears, there will be an option to Move Channel to your Google Account or different Brand Account; please click that option.


  1. The next screen will show you possible moves that you can perform. You can see in the screenshot that the current channel is linked to the YouTube created Branded Account and shows what options are available for migration. You will need to choose Your GSuite account from the list of options as the destination to migrate your Branded account.


  1. Once you select your account, a confirmation window will show that the subscribers, videos, and playlists are retained. The Channel Icon and Name shows a change in the name. Now click on Move Channel...


  1. A confirmation box will appear which will confirm that the URL for your channel will not change. 


  1. Now that the migration is complete, you can verify that it was successful by viewing your account details. If the migration was successful the Add or remove Managers option has disappeared from my Account details.


If you require additional assistance, please create a support ticket by clicking here.


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