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YouTube Approvers Chromebooks
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Due to the overwhelming request from teachers, each department will be provided with a Chromebook to approve YouTube Videos. In years past, we have given teachers student accounts to approve YouTube videos. Because of the introduction of Single Sign On (SSO) for students, this is no longer possible. As a result, each Chromebook will come with a generic student account.


With the YouTube Chromebooks, you can:

  • Approve YouTube Videos
  • Make sure certain websites work on the Chromebook
  • Familiarize yourself with the Chromebook


What you can NOT do:

  • Take the Chromebook home
  • Loan the Chromebook to a student
  • Share the login information with students or staff members outside of your department
  • Use the provided account with a device other than the Chromebook


For detailed instructions on how to approve a YouTube video, see How to Approve a YouTube Video.

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