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Obtaining Replacement Accessories for District Chromebooks (2023-24)
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The Upper St. Clair School District provides each student with a complete set of accessories when a Chromebook is first issued to the student. Accessories include a USB-C power adapter and a stylus.


Three specific Chromebook models are currently in service for the 2023-24 school year. These include the Dell 5190 2-in-1, Lenovo 500E Gen 2, and Lenovo 500E Gen 3. Please reference the list below to know which device is used in each grade level. While power adapters are generally cross-compatible between all model Chromebooks, the styluses are not and are specific to each model.


Grade Model
K Lenovo 500E Gen 3
1 Lenovo 500E Gen 3
2 Lenovo 500E Gen 3
3 Lenovo 500E Gen 3
4 Lenovo 500E Gen 3
5 Lenovo 500E Gen 3
6 Lenovo 500E Gen 3
7 Lenovo 500E Gen 2
8 Lenovo 500E Gen 2
9 Lenovo 500E Gen 3
10 Lenovo 500E Gen 3
11 Lenovo 500E Gen 2
12 Dell 5190 2-in-1



The District will replace non-working accessories free of charge provided there is no physical damage to the accessory, and the non-working accessory can be turned in at the time of replacement. To obtain a replacement accessory, please create a new support ticket by clicking here to start the process.


If an accessory is lost, stolen, or physically damaged, it does not qualify for a free replacement; families may purchase replacement accessories using the links below.

Note: The ability to purchase replacement accessories directly from the School District has been discontinued.


Dell 5190 2-in-1


Lenovo 500E Gen 2


Lenovo 500E Gen 3

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