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Mirroring to Apple TV Using AirParrot on MacBook Air-For Teachers
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You can download AirParrot via Self Service on your laptop (Applications → Self Service).  Note that Air Parrot is NOT available for iPads.





Once installed, open Air Parrot from the icon in your Menu Bar.  When you open Air Parrot for the first time you will see this prompt.  Click “Open Preferences” to approve the display driver.


Make sure "Display 1" is selected, then enter the classroom Apple TV name in the “Quick Connect Code” box.  NOTE: You MUST type in the "fully qualified" Apple TV name, which is the Apple TV name followed by "" 


For example:








Enter the AirPlay password which is displayed on the Apple TV.  Then click "Connect."




To Connect to 2 Apple Tvs simultaneously, enter the 2 Apple TV names into the Quick Connect box, then make sure both Apple TVs are selected (green).



While connected, the parrot icon in the menu bar will be GREEN.  To Disconnect, click the icon that looks like a power button to “Close All Connections”.




Troubleshooting Tip:

If you connect to your Apple TV and it only shows a BLACK screen on your projector, make sure the AirParrot app is enabled under System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> Screen Recording.



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