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Using Screen Share on your iPad with an ActivPanel
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1.  On your iPad, find the app called Self Service and click on it.  



2.  In Self Service, find the app called myPromethean and click Install.



3.  Launch the Screen Share on the ActivPanel.



4.  You will see your Panel ID.



5.  Launch the myPromethean app from your iPad and choose Teacher.



6.  Enter the Panel ID that is displayed on your ActivPanel (from Step 4) and enter your name,

then click on Start Screen Share.



7.  Click on Start Broadcast.



8.  You will now see your iPad in the waiting room on the ActivPanel, click on the graphic that looks like "people" in the left corner.



9.  Click on your name and then click on Share at the bottom of the screen



10.  Click on your home button twice, you will see your iPad home screen.  You are now mirroring your iPad screen to the ActivPanel.




11.  To stop broadcasting, click on the red broadcasting graphic in the top right-hand corner of the iPad screen, then click on Stop to stop broadcasting.











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