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Changing your default MFA method to App based authentication

One of the features of using the Microsoft app for MFA is that it allows you to do a quick sign-in by only typing in a prompted, 2-digit number into the Microsoft app. This is accomplished when you set your default MFA method to the Microsoft app. Below are the following steps to select the Microsoft app as your defau…

Accessing Microsoft Office Files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) from the Chromebox

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How to Clear Browsing History

Internet browsers keep track of a user's browsing history. In most cases, this behavior is useful as it provides an easy way to return to important webpages that you have visited in the past. In some cases, however, this causes problems. Sometimes there are multiple users that need to access the same online resources …

Connecting Microsoft LifeChat USB Headphones to a MacBook Air

1. Connect the LifeChat USB headphones to the USB Port on the MacBook Air. 2. Go to Apple > System Preferences > Sound 3. Select the Output Tab and select the Microsoft LifeChat headphone for Sound Output like the picture below: ![][1] 4. Select the Input Tab and select the Microsoft LifeChat headphone for Microph…

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